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As The Whirlybirds, Gary Chaffee and Steve Houghton have pioneered an exciting new genre of percussion performance! Through highly creative instrumentations, masterful compositions and no-holes-barred improvisation, The Whirlybirds duo flies far above and beyond traditional percussion duos.

Intensity is key, as The Whirlybirds duo combines the diversity of "Stomp" and the precision of "Riverdance" to create a whirlwind of music and sound experiences.

So climb up into this cutting-edge concert vehicle and discover a new dimension in percussion with Gary Chaffee and Steve Houghton - The Whirlybirds!

"'Technical', 'Precise', 'Intense' ... These are all words used to describe your average drum clinic. Add 'Entertaining', 'Exciting', 'Funny' and even 'Bizarre' and you have the ingredients that make up a Whirlybirds concert. Not your average drum clinic and definitely not one to be missed."

- James Porter & Bob Wiczling:
Zildjan International

The Whirlybirds

"The Whirlybirds are one of the most enjoyable percussion groups I have ever seen. Their musical performances are a combination of expertise and love for the instrument. Gary and Steve bring a breath of fresh air to the percussion ensemble stage that is long overdue and truly entertaining."

- Joe Testa:
Artist Relations Manager
Yamaha Drums

"Chaffee and Houghton are two virtuosos in a really wonderful setting of serious fun. I was completely entranced by the scope of the program. I loved it!"

- Adam Nussbaum