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CHOMP is six of the hottest drummers in Boston playing music that will dazzle and amaze you creating a sonic ride of colors and time that you’ve never heard before. The group is drum set guru Gary Chaffee’s unique vision of what percussion and improvisation can become. Using a variety of instruments and sounds, the six drummers will steer you in the direction of the nearest serious groove or delicate rumble. Spontaneity is the foundation for the entire show. Every performance will be a singular experience for the audience. Always fresh. Always interesting. Always expanding the boundaries of the music.

Hear some samples of Chomp:  Clickety Clack || Five by Two || Improv 1 || Improv 2 || Improv 3 || Slappy McGee

Gary ChaffeeGary Chaffee: Gary is known world-wide for both his teaching and playing. Formerly the Percussion Department Chairman at Berklee College of Music, he’s gone on to author what are considered some of the greatest drum texts ever written –his Patterns series. Gary has taught some of the best drummers of our time: Vinnie Colaiuta (Sting), Steve Smith (Journey) and Joey Kramer (Aerosmith) to name but a few, and he’s played with a long list of jazz greats including Pat Metheny, Tom Harrell, Pauli Danielson, Mick Goodrick, Jimmy Earl, John Abercrombie, Dave Samuels, Bill Frisell, Jaco Pastorius and Steve Swallow.

Chomp membersDean Johnston: A long-time Boston groove legend, Dean is the leader of SuperHoney, a high-octane, award-winning soul band and the eclectic group Gaffney. He’s also one of the top-call drummers in town and was featured in Modern Drummer magazine’s October 2005 issue. Dean can also be seen hanging with Club D’elf on Thursday nights.

Chomp membersRandy Wooten: Randy is a graduate of the New England Conservatory of Music. He’s studied with Bob Moses, Fred Buda, Danilo Perez as well as Gary Chaffee. His playing credits include The Rockett Band, The Daddys, Zig Zag Zen and Arcoda, Last year, Randy attended the prestigious Henry Mancini Institute.

'Apples' AlgerGuillermo Nojechowicz: Guillermo's Latin Jazz outfit El Eco, recently featured on National Public Radio's Jazz Set with Dee Dee Bridgewater, has been astounding audiences for years- be on the lookout for their new cd Two Worlds. He has performed with trumpeter Claudio Roditi. He is sensitive, thoughtful, ebullient and possesses a wonderful musical spirit.

Matty ‘Apples’ Alger: A transplant from Telluride, Colorado, Matt dove into drums at the age of sixteen when he decided to become a foreign-exchange student in Brazil. He studied at the prestigious Tatui Conservatoire in Sao Paulo. Back in Boston, Matt regularly plays with Uziel Colon and John Hunger.

Chomp members biting on a cymbalMichael Cahill: Michael’s band The Amazing Mudshark has been a Boston favorite for over fifteen years. He’s also a member of the star-studded ensemble The Loomers. Michael’s been featured in Modern Drummer and DRUM! magazines.

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"At a Chomp show, you never know what to expect-throw out your conventional
ideas about music and percussion.  However, Chomp is not just for percussion
aficionados and high-brow musicians--all audiences can enjoy the rhythm,
innovation and energy of instruments and objects being played in unique
ways." - Denise Collins
"Thanks so much for telling me about the concert.  I really enjoyed it and
was totally entertained.  Their innovation and energy amazed me!" - Joan
"It's a spectacle, really.  I've never seen percussion presented in such a
unique and entertaining way." - Viktor Doosen
"I didn't know what to expect but, in the end, I didn't want the show to be
over.  Each piece was brilliant.  These guys really have something new going
on." - Rich Palma

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